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Sewer line repair or replacement can seem like an overwhelming prospect for any property owner. But just because your pipes need repair doesn't mean there will be a costly landscape restoration and cleanup afterward. At Plumb N Plumber Company, we offer trenchless pipe lining in Cherokee County. It's a no-dig option that leaves your yard, landscaping, and other structures intact.

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The Top Advantages of Pipe Lining

Pipe lining offers a wide range of benefits for both commercial and residential property owners. For one thing, it's less labor intensive, making it a cost-effective solution. In addition, it's faster than conventional methods. In addition, pipe lining is beneficial as it preserves your pipe's interior, improves flow capacity, leads to 30-40% savings, generates no hazardous waste, and leaves your landscape, yard, and other structures intact.

Understanding the Process

In a nutshell, pipe lining repairs a damaged pipe from the inside without having to replace them. After inspecting and cleaning the pipe, we saturate a felt tube or liner with epoxy resin and pull it through the line. Once in place, we inflate a rubber bladder in the liner, which expands to compress and secure the liner to the pipe's interior. After the liner hardens and cures, the result is a new pipe within the old, broken pipe, which can last for up to 50 years.

Main Issues We Can Address

Pipe lining can address various pipe issues, including:

  • Leaks
  • Invasive roots
  • Corrosion
  • Broken or disconnected pipes

Factors We Consider Before Recommending Pipe Lining

At Plumb N Plumber Company, we consider some factors before recommending pipe lining, which includes:

Pipe Location

Underground pipes are subjected to more external pressure from surrounding soil, above-ground infrastructure, and hydrostatic forces than above-ground pipes, requiring a thicker liner to resist deformation.

Pipe Diameter

Larger-bore pipes are more prone to external forces like soil shifting and will need thicker epoxy to endure these elements effectively.

Pipe Length

Longer pipes need a thicker epoxy liner to ensure they're strong enough to withstand bending.

Overall Pipe Condition

If the damaged pipe has severely deteriorated, pipe lining would not be an ideal solution.


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