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Water Heater Repair & Installation

Water Heater Repair and Installation From Licensed Professionals Serving Throughout Cherokee County and the Greater North Atlanta Suburbs


If you notice your Cherokee County home or business needs water heater repair or installation, reach out to Plumb N Plumber Company. We perform fast repairs and install reliable new water heaters of all makes and models. Since 2014, we've offered numerous customers same-day service, and we're ready to help you too.

Your water heater is an essential aspect of your plumbing. You rely on hot water for both sanitation and comfort. Your water heater makes a warm shower so relaxing and your washing machine and dishwasher more powerful. Even the most basic hygienic act of washing hands becomes more effective and enjoyable when you have enough hot water. Here at Plumb N Plumber Company, we know the importance of having a reliable and efficient water heater, and we're here to make sure that you do, whether you have a conventional or tankless system.

Signs of Water Heater Problems

Although knowing when to call a professional for water heater repair isn't rocket science, in some cases, the signs can be subtle and difficult to identify unless you know what to watch out for.

You may need prompt water heater services if:

  • You don't have hot water
  • You don't have an ample hot water supply
  • Your water is rusty
  • Your unit is leaking
  • You notice an unexplained increase in utility bills
  • Your water tastes or smells strange
  • You hear popping, rumbling, or cracking sounds from your unit

Issues Caused by Poor Installation

Whenever you need water heater installation or replacement in Cherokee County, it's best to call on Plumb N Plumber Company. Improper water heater installation can put you and your property at risk. If your home or business uses a gas water heater, poor installation can cause gas leaks, which can cause an explosion. In addition, if you install your unit too close to a non-fireproof surface, it can cause fires. In addition, poorly installed water heaters can allow excess carbon monoxide fumes to permeate your home. These fumes are usually invisible and odorless and can cause severe health complications.

Benefits of Professional Repairs

Hiring Plumb N Plumber Company to handle your water heater repair in Cherokee County comes with numerous benefits. These include:

  • Reduced water and energy bills
  • Consistent supply of hot water
  • Improved safety
  • Cost and time savings
  • Extended service life

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Whether you need a simple water heater repair or a complete replacement, our professional and courteous team will get things running within no time. Contact us today to request service. We look forward to working with you.

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