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Traditional Excavation

The Leader in Traditional Excavation in Cherokee County and the Greater North Atlanta Suburbs

Tried and true, nothing beats a new sewer line. Should you encounter the need for a partial or full sewer line replacement, we are the team for the job. This process involves locating underground utilities to ensure that no one and nothing is harmed during the excavation process. We size which equipment needs to be onsite and use shoring where necessary. Our preferred replacement pipe is solid core PVC for its rigidity and durability. When the old pipe is removed, we bed the new pipe to ensure it is supported across the base. This helps eliminate the risk of the pipe forming a “belly” over time. Once connected, tested and in some cases inspected by the county, we bury the pipe and grade out the surface. Per request we can have landscaping and even parking lots replaced for a true one stop shop experience.


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